TLC infrastructure and services

This has always been a strategic area of business for the Group, which pays constant attention to its every aspect, such as construction site organisation and the creation of infrastructure using the most advanced technologies (passive solutions and active apparatus).
Valtellina has become an increasingly visible point of reference in the development of both fixed networks (ultra-broadband services, also in FTTH mode) and mobile networks.

The company is a renowned specialist in both the laying of fibre optic cabling at industrial and advanced service sector sites and the revamping of telephone exchanges and data transmission centres with complete Wi-Fi coverage and VoIP-Data Cloud services.

Land line networks

Network infrastructure and the necessary equipment are made to measure for each project, choosing the most appropriate technique case by case. We install the most advanced systems available for both urban road systems and building interiors.

Valtellina offers a full range of services for this historically “strategic” sector:
– Surveys and feasibility studies
– Georadar and other surveying equipment
– Infrastructure architecture and sizing
– Selection and sizing of cables (optical fibre and/or copper) and apparatus (routers, switches, firewalls, servers, storage devices, etc.)
– CAD design
– Technical specifications
– Permit applications and documentation

This is still an important sector, where the company invests considerable resources in view of the business potential to ensure it is competitive in terms of time frames, methods and results.

Valtellina teams use the most advanced effective technologies currently available in the following sectors:
– All types of excavation (traditional, minitrench, no-dig, etc.)
– Tunnels, railway crossings and road junctions
– Installation of exposed metal/PVC conduits (bridges, tunnels, etc.) and buried conduits (backbone and distribution cables)
– Road repairs
– Civil works (beds, rooms, wells, etc.)

Valtellina’s core business, the Group offers a full range of services and uses cutting-edge technologies:

• Fibre optic backbone cables for TLC operators
• Urban fibre optic networks (using dedicated infrastructure, sewer cables and other special cables)
• Public and private WAN and MAN
• Telephone exchange cabling
• Data centres
• Corporate LAN
• Optical fibre and copper cabling for remote control systems (aqueducts, district heating, gas & oil, etc.)
• Optical fibre and copper cabling for TVCC systems
• Optical fibre and copper cabling for alarm systems
• Optical fibre and copper cabling for motorway, road and rail systems

This service is provided by Valtellina technicians with great expertise in the following fields:

• Apparatus for networking enterprises (Cisco, HP, Huawei, Extreme Networks, etc.)
• Apparatus for operators (Cisco, Huawei, Zhone, Nokia, Ericsson, Marconi, etc.)
• Router devices
• Switch apparatus
• Firewall devices
• DWDM/CWDM devices
• DSLAM devices
• Telephone exchanges (Wildix, Promelit, NEC, Trucco, etc.)
• Videoconferencing and Telepresence equipment

Valtellina sees assistance and maintenance service as “added value” and so constantly invests professional resources and means to provide this in the following areas:

• Help Desk
• Call Centre
• On-Site technical support throughout the country
• 24/7 availability, 365 days a year
• On-Site technical support with strict SLA options
• Preventive maintenance
• Evolving maintenance
• Corrective maintenance
• Spare-parts management
• Remote technical support

Mobile networks

Valtellina Group is also a landmark in terms of the design, installation and maintenance of mobile network infrastructure, using technologies including 5G, LTE, Tetra, Isofrequential, Wi-Max, HiperLAN and Wi-Fi, plus PDH and SDH microwave connections.

– Surveys and Feasibility studies
– Network planning (access and transport)
– Site acquisition, planning permission applications
– Tender planning
– Technical specifications
– Plant and systems engineering
– Infrastructure architecture design
– Executive design and as-built drawings
– Field operator support
– New technology updates

– Planning permission applications
– Civil works for infrastructure
– Installation of antenna masts
– Installation of energy and conditioning systems for transmitter stations
– Direction of works and co-ordination

– Network apparatus installation
– Antenna installation and orientation
– Network testing, commissioning and integration
– Radio frequency electrical measurements and field coverage mapping
– Line of sight (LOS) and interference measurements

This service has seen continuous developments over the years in order to satisfy the changing needs of users, including:

– Help Desk
– Call Centre
– On-Site technical support with SLA throughout the country
– 24/7 availability, 365 days a year
– Preventive maintenance
– Evolving maintenance
– Corrective maintenance
– Network supervision and monitoring
– Spare-parts management
– Remote technical support