Smart projects

LThe Valtellina organisation keeps close watch on the latest developments in the world of smart cities and smart building, and makes its proposals on the strength of its capacity for multidisciplinary intervention, from infrastructure for optic fibre networks, power supply management and monitoring, road/rail network automation and control systems, LED technology lighting, and electric vehicle charging stations.

The Group’s commitment to “smart grid” information networks that provide electricity distribution networks with intelligent support is equally important.

The availability of an in-house structure entirely dedicated to R&D objectives means Valtellina can develop innovative projects in various sectors and fields of application at an industrial, urbanistic, and logistic level, all featuring integrated communication systems and smart technologies.

Valtellina installs and services security systems in various logistic and technological contexts thanks to its video surveillance, closed-circuit TV, anti-intrusion, access control, presence sensing, fire-fighting and smoke detection systems.

Installation of new systems and the revamping of existing systems for optimized service and savings in energy costs. Remote control centres and a technical support and maintenance service.

One of the many innovative technologies used by Valtellina is eCube, the most advanced technological suite for the monitoring, storing and control of energy production (electricity, heat, fluids and gas).