Gas and water distribution networks

The Valtellina Group has specific expertise in the design and delivery of infrastructure for fluid distribution networks: district heating systems, aqueducts and gas pipelines. Interventions meet the needs of public and private companies, which range from the installation of remote control/management devices, leak detection and protection systems to technical support and maintenance programs, including emergency assistance plans.

The services offered include system engineering consultancy, excavation, the laying of insulated piping, joining and welding, and maintenance.

Valtellina responds to the diversified needs of the sector offering the laying of new networks, the expansion and shifting of infrastructure, maintenance programs and emergency assistance.

Interventions and services for medium and low pressure systems, including leak detection and dispersion recovery systems, and the installation of remote control and remote management devices.

Modular customised technical support and maintenance systems specifically for gas and water pipelines. This service guarantees emergency assistance 24/7, 365 days a year.