Code of Ethics

One of the key elements in the company’s success is the human factor: the exceptional performance and commitment of all those who work in, for and with Valtellina S.p.A.

We are proud of our success story. We base our strategic objectives on solid ethical foundations. Each objective is promoted on a daily basis by the conduct of our employees and our partners.

It is essential that all employees and partners are fully aware of the rules of our Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct (“the Code”), and that they adopt our values and expectations in all their activities and personal behaviour. The Code sets out the principles and provides guidelines, yet it only represents part of a wider system that supports the culture of ethical conduct, where the personal leadership of directors and managers is crucial.

Indeed, in order to face the challenges of a highly competitive market with success, companies and individuals must behave in an “ethical” and “moral responsibility” manner. Any conduct contrary to the Code, even if only apparently so, can easily put Valtellina’s reputation at risk. As a result, it is our firm intention and commitment to ensure that any violation of the rules in the Code will have serious consequences.

That is why we have such stringent requirements and expect these to be observed, regardless of the position occupied by the person concerned.


– strengthen and preserve the ethical foundations on which our business is based;
– defend the values set out in our Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct.
We are determined to promote and encourage ethical conduct by means of personal leadership and so we ask and expect each employee and business partner to participate in achieving our shared goal.


Please contact our Supervisory Body should you require further clarification and/or wish to report someone:
by post, Valtellina S.p.A., Organismo di Vigilanza, Via Buonarroti, no. 34, 24020 Gorle (BG), Italy; by e-mail,